Highland Craft show 2013

The Highlands Craft Show, established by a group of dedicated volunteers in 1982, will not be held in 2015.  Over the past three decades, The Highlands Craft Show has raised over $1,000,000 to support The Highlands Mansion & Gardens, and has fulfilled its mission to supply funding needed for the initial restoration and maintenance of The Sinkler Garden at The Highlands.  In recent years the challenges of mounting this traditional craft show have increased substantially, and The Highlands Board of Trustees and The Highlands Craft Show Committee have decided to look for other fundraising opportunities. 

The Highlands Historical Society (HHS) would like to thank the wonderful volunteers, exhibitors, patrons and benefactors who have so generously supported The Highlands Craft Show for the past thirty-three years.  We invite you to stay in touch with HHS.  Please visit The Highlands to enjoy the Sinkler Garden’s continuing restoration, and to support the Society’s ongoing initiatives, projects and programs at The Highlands.