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Comments - The Most Valuable Asset of A Blog

You realize it or not, comments are the most valuable part of your blog. They are the reactions, questions, and thoughts that go through the readers mind after reading your content, and you need to know how to leverage off of them.


The main function of the comment is to provide feedback on whatever comes to mind to your reader. There are 3 specific categories of comments, each of which will help you in a variety of ways.

The Remark The Question The Trackback

1. The Remark The remark can be as simple as “Cool Post” to as complex as a full blown analysis. Contrary to your immediate reaction, the later aren’t the better. Now you might ask how a one liner is favorable and the answer is simple, the average everyday ad-clicking blog reader is not a professional, nor are they looking to become one. It may sound silly but niche driven sites are more populated by the peaked interest of the norm of society rather than the professional elite in that niche. This even pertains to my site where my traffic is dominated by users who aren’t elite webmasters. According to service they may have a site and be looking to learn a few things from here, but here’s a fact. Most people do not and will never implement the ideas discussed in my article, and yet they still come to read new posts everyday. Your site is driven by the norm and thus you must cater to the norm. Thus the short remark is the ideal representation of what your readers like and allows you to better cater your writing to their interests.

First off all, it shows that this post had a strong enough interest by the reader to comment on it. Start by identifying what the post is about. Is the category something that has repeatedly been met with comments on your blog or is this the first time? Did you have specific aspects of your post that were different than your regular posts? These include things like:

A humorous voice or style of writing An appraisal or rant of a product or service An analysis of a product or service A certain style of image


The great thing about this is even if your blog doesn’t receive any comments, you can still go to other popular sites in your niche to see what comments they are getting. From here you follow the same list and try to identify what was so unique about the post that made it so popular. next try to mimic whatever you found to be so unique about that post or article. Maybe you don’t hit the nail on the head the first time, or the second, but keep trying! Your going to get it right, and the results will show.

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