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Highlands Mansion Preservation Effort Moves Forward With Supervisors' Action

The Township has taken another step toward permanently preserving a portion of the Highlands Mansion property.

The Board of Supervisors last night voted to purchase a 27.82-acre Conservation Easement at the Highlands Mansion on Sheaff Lane.

The Township has been working with the Highlands Historical Society (HHS) and state Representative Mary Jo Daley to preserve the 44-acre historic property since the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission included the property on its list to divest.

The ordinance calls for the Township to purchase a Conservation Easement from HHS for $3.01 million to preserve the 27.82 acres of open space. The funds will come from the Township’s Open Space Earned Income Tax (EIT) fund and be used by HHS to improve and maintain the historic late 18th century Georgian mansion and two-acre formal garden.


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