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All programs meet State Educational Standards (including Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) 


  • Customized to suit any grade level and educational need

  • $6 per student with free admission to the teacher and up to 3 adult chaperones

  • 1 ½ Hours in Length

  • Includes pre-and post-visit worksheets, which can be downloaded from our website

  • Outreach programs are available for schools that are unable to visit

To schedule your group, please contact:


The Highlands Mansion & Gardens
7001 Sheaff Lane 
Fort Washington, PA 19034
Phone: 215-641-2687


Education programs supported with a generous grant from

First Priority Bank 


As students tour The Highlands, they literally take a trip through time. Since the history of the house spans almost three centuries, students learn to identify change over time, to use different sources of historical evidence, to establish chronological order. Students evaluate and interpret how their lives compare to people living at The Highlands in the 18th & 19th centuries.


Through hands-on activities, observations and inquiries, they learn about the daily life of an 18th century summer home.


Older students investigate the past by making observations about a building’s architecture and landscape and by analyzing information gained through archaeology and documentary research. They learn to demonstrate an understanding of the story of The Highlands and its connections to the history of our state and nation.


In this hands-on archaeology program, students apply the basics of scientific and historical research and analysis by participating in a model excavation. Students handle artifacts which were made or used by the people living and working at The Highlands.


Students learn to identify sites, screen & identify artifacts, and interpret the material culture of 19th century America. 


  • Suitable for Grades 3 through 8

  • Please have students wear clothes they don’t mind getting dirty











Game Day enables elementary students to identify and interpret their cultural heritage through the experience of 18th and 19th century games and pastimes. These games have survived in various forms to this day. Several have their roots in Europe; some originated in West Africa; some by the native people living in North America.  Emphasis is put on the excitement of learning and participating rather than competition.


The 2-acre formal garden is home to various plants, flowers and wildlife. Students discover and learn to interpret the importance of open space to humans and animals through hands-on activities. In the restored 1918 Greenhouse, students will learn about herbs, medicinal plants and much more. The program will conclude with a nature hike exploring the sites outbuildings. 


This summer at The Highlands, we are hosting the Brandywine Learning Center's Wizardry Camp. Half day and full day camp will run from July 6th through July 10th and take place inside the mansion as well as in the gardens. This is the perfect camp for fans of Harry Potter! 

For more information about registration please visit

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