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Jack O'Lantern Winner

Despite some rainy weather, the community enjoyed another fun Halloween event in our gardens on Sunday October 29th, 2023. Kids and adults alike enjoyed a new feature this year, Haywood, the world's tallest scarecrow who also happens to juggle ears of corn! We were very lucky to have some great vendors out for the evening and the fire pit was the most popular spot for everyone to gather and make s'mores.

We would like to thank everyone who carved pumpkins and entered our annual contest. It is always so much fun to see how creative people can be with a knife and a pumpkin! This year's winner with her impressive Starry Night jack o'lantern was eighth grader Rosa Warshaw. Congratulations Rosa! We are looking forward to having you here for a three hour party rental and are excited to see what kind of celebration it will be! Coming in a close second was Allie Shultis with her incredible carousel.


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