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December 10th, 2021 is a date filled with so much gratitude and celebration. The settlement on The Highlands transfer to the Highlands Historical Society from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the conservation easement to Whitemarsh Township commenced after four long years. The passion, perseverance, and persistence of so many people paid off on that day. The Highlands Mansion and Gardens is officially preserved. Our north fields are now a protected open space. We are forever grateful to Katie and Hugh Moulton who began the Highlands Historical Society in 1975. Our celebration in December would have never been imagined or achieved with them. Many sincere thanks to the PHMC for all the care they have poured into this estate for so many years. We are incredibly thankful for Rep. Mary Jo Daley and Kate Harper who guided the bill through legislation, all the way to the desk of Governor Tom Wolf who signed the bill on November 18th, 2020. We are beyond grateful for the work of all the Whitemarsh Board Supervisors who recognized this hidden gem, saw that it deserved to be protected and granted the land easement. All of our board members contributed to this momentous occasion, especially Johanna Walters. Her dedication as our current board president led the way. Huge thanks is also owed to our amazing volunteers and members for their continuous support. We would like to welcome Whitemarsh Board Supervisor, Fran McCusker, to join us as a sitting member for the HHS. We all look forward with great excitement to all of the restorations, improvements and events that lie ahead for this beloved estate.


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